Nichts ist neu

by Love A



Nothing is new and easy least of all. The title of the fouth album title couldn't sound more fatalistic.
And that's the truth, partly. You cannot stop, even things won't change, alone or with your band. And then you write 12 songs you wanna present to the World. Author and musician Dirk Bernemann about Love A: „Love A is like one of these scenes in a film noir when someone is screaming like from nowhere and you just expected him to lie down and go on smoking. Then there's an explosion and someone keeps on screaming. Main point, everybody's screaming! But these screams are fueled by a feeling of being precisely pissed, that won't change into conformity. Lyrics that no high achiever would be happy with – music like crooked architecture, that you are forced to look at.“ Btw, the songs „Kanten“ and „Weder noch“, out so far only on a very limited single, are both on the album due to demand of their fans. Nothing is new. Exactly!

01.07.17 Trier, Sommerbühne Festival @Exhaus
14.07.17 Dortmund, Youth Brigade Festival
20.-23.07.17 Cuxhaven, Deichbrand
21.-22.07.17 Dalhausen, T-Mania Festival
21.07.17 Bonn, Bla
18.-20.08.17 Großpösna, Highfield
20.-23.09.17 Hamburg, Reeperbahnfestival
29.09.17 Hannover, Faust
30.09.17 Flensburg, Volxbad
01.10.17 Rostock, PWH
02.10.17 Bremen, Tower
27.10.17 Weinheim, Café Central
28.10.17 Koblenz, Circus Maximus


released May 12, 2017



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