1. Nichts ist neu
    Love A

  2. Gut und dir

  3. Heartbreaks And Milkshakes
    The Sewer Rats

  4. Aku

  5. Für Chopin
    Huck Blues

  6. Noir
    The Sigourney Weavers

  7. Unexpected Gift
    Kick Joneses

  8. Nobody Knows
    Like A Motorcycle

  9. High Hopes
    Like A Motorcycle

  10. No Tomorrow
    Statues On Fire

  11. Echtholzstandby
    Schreng Schreng & La La

  12. s/t (Illegale Farben)
    Illegale Farben

  13. Heinz
    Die Aeronauten

  14. Melodien sind sein Leben

  15. One Eyed Bomb

  16. Modem Operandi
    The Stanfields

  17. Amor Y Basura
    Puta Madre Brothers

  18. From the Bestiary to the Leathering Room
    Big John Bates

  19. Jagd und Hund
    Love A

  20. The Noise (s/t)
    The Noise

  21. Komplex

  22. Caribbean Nights

  23. Party Killer
    Black Sheriff

  24. Bar (s/t)

  25. Step By Step

  26. Can't Stop Won't Stop

  27. Lo-Fi Against Low Lifes

  28. Split
    Love A / Koeter

  29. East Of First
    The Noise

  30. Sunday Movies
    The Town Heroes

  31. Blockbuster
    The Sigourney Weavers

  32. Black Timber Bitter Root
    Big John Bates

  33. Phoenix
    Statues On Fire

  34. Zeichen

  35. For King And Country
    The Stanfields

  36. Der beste Freund des Menschen

  37. Edition Rookie Publishing #3

  38. Lost In Translation

  39. Death & Taxes
    The Stanfields

  40. Rock 'n' Roll Ain't A Seasonal Thing
    The Fume

  41. Windmühlen
    Love A

  42. Irgendwie
    Love A

  43. Feuer in der Nachbarschaft

  44. Motherfucker Jazz Bar
    Diving For Sunken Treasure

  45. Living For The Weekend 7"
    The Fume

  46. Alte Männer 7"
    Frau Doktor

  47. Night Terrors
    Black Sheriff

  48. Tainted Love 10"
    The Sensational Skydrunk Heartbeat Orchestra

  49. Split 7" Single
    Love A / Frau Potz

  50. Battered Bones

  51. Split 7"

  52. The Music Of Chance
    City Light Thief

  53. Caravan
    Diving For Sunken Treasure

  54. Raaa!
    Diving For Sunken Treasure

  55. Valentinstag
    Love A

  56. It's A Long Long Way To Meximotown
    Puta Madre Brothers

  57. Electrifying Tales

  58. The Storytailor

  59. Too Big To Fail
    Die Aeronauten

  60. Follow The Feeder
    Alias Caylon


Rookie Records Hamburg, Germany

Rookie Records was founded in 1996. We put out more than 120 releases, amongst others of Spermbirds, Pascow, Bambix, Love A, Die Aeronauten, Loaded, Big John Bates, City Light Thief, Puta Madre Brothers, The Sewer Rats, Dumbell, Steakknife, Bungalow 7, The Sensational Skydrunk Heartbeat Orchestra, Kick Joneses, Biestig, Knucklebone Oscar, Die Walter Elf ...! ... more

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